nordic pavilion 3d visualization


Nordic Pavilion is one of my favorite modernistic buildings because it’s a nice and simple form, perfect proportions and it’s respect for nature. The project was designed by  Sverre Fehn, an architect from Norway, in 1962 and it has been build in Venice, Italy.

Photos of Nordic Pavilion by Åke E.son Lindman

I decided to recreate this iconic building into 3D to practice my arch-viz skills. Since the building is made almost entirely of concrete and there are a lot of interesting surfaces affected by weather and time, I will try to simulate these imperfections by adjusting materials in Corona renderer. Also, the building provides a lot of beautiful compositions so I will try to catch them on my renders.

Let’s take a look at the process! The project is still in progress so I will keep you updated about the current stage of it 

3D modeling

As usual, I started with modeling the base – walls and the floor. Here is my tutorial where I described this process:

Adding a specific detail of this building – the roof is made of a nice two-layered grid. Here is the first layer of concrete beams
…and here is the second layer of beams

The next move was modeling windows and doors. I usually make them with lines and Sweep modifier.

A complete set of windows (one size for each side of facade) and a double door
An axonometry of the building with windows attached
On the side of the building will be this staircase. I modeled it by dividing the Box and extruding the upper polygons. Tiles are made with Floor generator
Clay render of the staircase part of the building

Creating textures

The next step is to create shaders. The main material here is concrete which is on the walls and ceiling. The floor is made of travertine tiles. Let’s take a look at it.

Two interesting elements that support the roof on the corner of the building
The upper row of the roof grid. I added textile pieces between them on which I applied semi-translucent shader with dirt on it.
Detail of the concrete roof grid
I processed with creating a surrounding. This is part of the building staying next to Nordic Pavilion. The greenery will be visible on final renders

Since the project still isn’t completed, there are no final renders at all. But I will try to continue on it and keep you updated about progress 🙂