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We’ve always believed that first and foremost, architecture is about imagery, proportion and the use of space. Drawings and plans outline the details and subtleties that make it happen, but it’s bringing the vision to life that allows you to truly showcase an idea. It’s why we founded LUMO Visual: an architectural visualization studio with a difference.

As visualization specialists we focus on the fine details that allow you to introduce your ideas to the world in a truly powerful way. Our expertise in everything from 3d visualizations and rendering to photography and animations allows us to take your plans, drawings and specifications and create imagery that captures everything about your design. And since our architectural background ensures we understand the subtleties of the process, we ensure that nothing is lost when you want to capture the core ideas of your design.

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Founder of LUMO visual, Senior 3D Artist

Peter is an architecture enthusiast. During his studies on the university, he found a passion for creating digital images of architecture. He earned a Master of Architecture degree on the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and that predisposes him to fully understand not only process of architectural visualization, but also an architecture itself. Nearly 100 completed projects worldwide for over 6 years of experience as a freelancer makes him a cornerstone of LUMO visual.


Director of photography, Social Media Manager

Viktoria is a professional photographer and she’s been doing photography for years. Thanks to her real-world experiences she trained her eyes for a perfect composition, color balance and other technical aspects of the photography. And because there are no limits in 3D, she really enjoys using this knowledge in our projects. Social media are also her specialty so Viktoria is also our Social Media Manager.

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